Welcome to Unravel the dream

This is a brand-new blog, in its very early phases of inception and I am honored to have you here, as part of what I hope will become a growing community of people, who intimately practice authenticity, honesty, inner-balance, grace, honor and sacred connections to life.


Who am I and what will you find on this blog?

My name is Irina and during the last 8 years I have recovered a great deal of self-awareness, accompanied by countless vivid memories about who we truly are, what we are in, why we are here and some aspects of what the future holds. I will address all these big questions in the blog section Our Story. Please follow the Our Story page for regular updates on what I know from within myself about our journey throughout creation and the tale behind our existence here, on this planet Earth.

My own awakening and self-remembrance during the last years, have also triggered a deep sense of self-responsibility towards my embodiment here. While my true essence needs no healing and no fixing, at the avatar/ego/interface level of this reality, I had a lot of self-work to do. The accuracy and authenticity of my memories, my journey, my role here, they are all directly proportional to my level of inner balance, inner mastery and self-honesty within this human incarnation. For this reason, I have been on a very intensive journey of self-healing on all levels: mental, emotional and physical. This is of course an ongoing process, but along the way I have gained some invaluable pieces of wisdom, that I wish to share on the Self-Healing page.

Also, for a direct insight into my everyday life and my own personal experiences within this reality, please consult the My Journey section of this blog. I will allow intimate aspects of my life to come forward as an exercise for me in transparent sharing with others, but also as an exercise in honest self-observation of my thoughts, decisions, feelings, actions.


Let’s establish a community that truly values sacred connections!

I wish for this blog to allow a safe space for us to share with each other. I don’t want it to be just about me. I want it to equally be about you. I want it to be a sacred place where we can develop sacred relationships. Where you can openly share your own feelings, thoughts, questions, realizations, and practice authenticity along with me. Feel free to always Contact Me, or further develop a back and forth dialogue in the comment section. I love follow up conversations!

Also, if you would like to work with me, whether it is in the form of a private meeting, or private skype sessions or a workshop, please use the Work With Me page! In the meantime, please subscribe to my newsletter for a free copy of my first e-book “Understanding our true story: the first step towards full self-healing” and for future updates, articles and videos!

So good to have you here!

Come on a journey with me through the multi-verse


Let’s remember together

Who we truly are